Ever hear the expression “don’t get your nose out of joint”? It means don’t be too easily offended.  It’s interesting to think that a bad mood caused by a “sense” of insult could affect your ability to actually use your nose!  Whew!  Allow me to explain.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

New research finds depending on your emotional state, you might perceive smells incorrectly.  Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison induced participants to feel anxious and then exposed them to a normally neutral smell. The participants showed an aversion to the smell, and researchers say this happens because the areas of the brain that register emotion and smell are usually separated, but if you're experiencing a certain emotion it will lead you to experience a neutral scent as negative.

I find that fascinating. Researchers say it's a cycle, and your emotions can control how you perceive smell, and in turn the smell can affect your mood. (Men's Health)