With Summer about to start winding down a lot of people with part time jobs will be heading back to school or starting over looking for work.

Of course Summer jobs are often not the jobs we might want to do for a career but they do introduce us to the world of work.

It’s not easy to find a job these days so you may be inclined to take an “unusual” job just to have work.

Career.Builder.com asked more than 2,450 workers to share the most interesting or unconventional jobs they held during their careers.

  1.  Actor for haunted house
  2. Bingo announcer
  3. Rodeo clown
  4. Drawbridge tender
  5. Eye glass buffer
  6. Fingerprint analyzer
  7. Glass sculptor
  8. Hot rod builder
  9. Interpreter for government agency
  10. Jelly doughnut filler
  11. Karate instructor
  12. Lifeguard at nude beach
  13. Military role player (played Iraqi citizen for military sensitivity training)
  14. Note taker for college students
  15. Ocean scuba guide
  16. Phone psychic
  17. Quiz writer for competitions
  18. Rescue squad for pets
  19. Stand-in bridesmaid (for weddings where the bride didn't know enough people)
  20. Telemarketer for a cemetery
  21. Urinalysis observer
  22. Voice-over specialist for movies
  23. Window washer for skyscrapers
  24. X-mas tree decorator
  25. Youth boot camp instructor for juvenile offenders
  26. Zoo artificial inseminator




Ulrich Baumgarten via Getty Images