The Stanley Cup Finals are underway with the New York Rangers trailing the Los Angeles Kings 1 game to none.  I’m not a big hockey fan but playoff hockey is fast, exciting and violent.  How they survive those hits and checks amazes me.  If I were on the ice, and of course I would NEVER be, but if I were, would I be constantly looking over my shoulder? You bet.  But which shoulder?  Huh?  Seriously, it’s the left shoulder to watch for.

People will study anything and now there is a study that shows things that come at us from our left are scarier. In various experiments, participants were found to react with greater alarm when faced with tornadoes, traffic, dog poop and homeless people appearing on their left. Researchers are unsure of what causes this extra alarm, but say it might be because people who read left-to-right think threats from the left appear "in line with the flow," or it may have something to do with right-handedness and brain hemispheres. (Newser)

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Bottom line –“scientists” don’t know…but I do. It’s the tricky left hook we never see coming, isn’t it lefty?