When you look at the calendar, the Christmas shopping season is just around the corner. If you had an unlimited budget, what would you get for that loved one?

The Dallas department store Neiman Marcus is out with their annual Christmas Book. This catalog traditionally features the most unusual, and very expensive, gift ideas you will ever see.

How about a diamond ring? Neiman Marcus offers you the opportunity to design your own ring and  travel to Africa to see where your stone was mined. Price tag: $1.9 million.

For outdoor TV lovers, they have an entertainment system that includes a TV that comes up out of the ground. Price? $1.5 million. Shipping and handling not included.

And for rare car collectors looking to satisfy that inner James Bond, how about a 2014 Aston-Martin Vanquish Volantes? It's a one-in-ten-special edition model that goes for $344,500. Oh, and it comes in blue.

So, if you had unlimited funds, what would be the ultimate big ticket item on your Christmas list?

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Mine? A private jet on stand-by at all times to take me and my family any where we wanted to go. Mostly likely Disneyland on any given weekend. Or all Seahawks road games.

How about you?

Check out the online version of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book here.