Do you think of yourself as an “average guy?  Most of us do and those who don’t are often wrong!  But in this case we are talking the average guy and exercise.

Phil Walter/Getty Images

Let’s find out by way of a survey from Men’s Health Magazine.

  • 19 years old is the average guy's age when he first muscles his way into a gym.
  • 16 workouts is the number he logs each month.
  • 30,000 is the approximate number of gyms in the United States.
  • 46 percent of sweatshop regulars are men.
  • $480 is the amount the average gym member pays to work out each year.
  • $722 is the amount he pays each year for personal training, exercise apparel and workout products.
  • Two months is what it takes the average guy to cancel his gym membership once he stops going.
  • 33 percent of men don't wipe down gym equipment after using it. Dumbbells and stationary bike seats are the equipment with the most germs. The gym rat's top annoyance is equipment hogs.
  • 64 percent of men have received unsolicited workout advice.
  • 52 percent of exercisers hit the showers barefoot.
  • 24 percent of men have contracted athlete's foot at the gym.
  • 50 percent of weekend bodybuilders check their form in the mirror while lifting.
  • 10 percent of men think they've seen steroids sold in the locker room.
  • 49 percent of men are brave enough to admit they've taken a yoga class.
  • 50 percent of men say the gym is a better place to meet women than a bar.
  • 25 percent of men have had something stolen from their unattended gym bag. Cash is the item most often swiped.