Thanks Yakima!  Thank you for a primary vote of confidence on the job the city council is doing right now.  I realize that elections are snapshots in time and that your opinion of me and the council’s performance could change rather quickly but that for now, we seem to be doing ok.A huge part of that perception is the byproduct of the work of Police Chief Rizzi and City Manager Tony O’Rourke.  Yakima is a great city and we deserve quality leaders who can help shape a better future for us all so thanks to those two for the work they have done so far and the work yet to come.

People have asked me about my campaign or rather lack of campaign.  My philosophy is this: Campaigns are a necessary evil for most people.

In order for a candidate to get elected, the voters who are actually paying attention need to know who you are, what you are about, what you stand for, what they might expect from your time in office and how all that might affect them.  That explains the need for signs, flyers, brochures, speeches radio ad and tv commercials and all that stuff costs money…so, well…you need money and the more the merrier.  That means asking for contributions and that can lead to concerns of influence and beholding.  There is also the issue of the promises of what you will or won’t do if elected.   It becomes a game, a contest, a war and most people are tired of it and don’t really trust those involved in it.  SO I choose not to play…and fortunately, my circumstances are such that I don’t believe I need to.

I have been on your television or in your radio non-stop since 1982 reporting the news and sharing my views! I have hosted, entertained, introduced, auctioned and supported hundreds of events with thousands of people in total attendance.  By now enough of you voters know me and have made up your mind about me for me to win an election if the voters so choose.  For new voters or those who don’t have a media history with me I have the good fortune to be on the council right now. They can watch. They can see for themselves how I think, act and vote.  So what’s my conclusion?  I don’t need to burden you with the trappings of a traditional campaign, I don’t need to clutter your yard with signs or ask you for money.  Besides, I believe the election for an incumbent council person is a report card on how well you have done so far and an reflection of the expectation for future performance based on your past.

Like most people I want to be liked but more importantly for a council person, I want to be understood.  I will go to silly lengths at times to make a point or make myself clear.  I also know there will those whom I can’t win over but I probably will still try a time or too.  I really like Yakima. I have lived here longer than any place else.  I want to do what I can to help make it an even better place for the future, for my daughter and all our kids.  If you think I can help with that, then I’ll appreciate your vote in November, if not…tell me why and I’ll try a time or two to win you over!  Thanks again Yakima, I appreciate your trust and your vote in the primary.  See you this fall…and at select events along the way until then. (and hopefully on the radio)