Cooking a delicious Thanksgiving turkey may seem like a frightening prospect, but we have some tips to make sure you serve a mouth watering bird!

Vicki Baker from Yakima's Grocery Outlet has some great tips for a more flavorful turkey.

First, buy a couple turkey wings or necks a few days before Thanksgiving.  You can make homemade turkey broth, and it makes AWESOME gravy.  Just boil the necks/wings along with some celery, onions, and a bayleaf for several hours, covered.

Second, use FRESH herbs!  One bag of “herbed bird” herbs can be used to make herb butter rub for the turkey, and dice into the stuffing.   If you put in a food processor the herbs (remove stems), butter, garlic (optional), and salt & pepper, puree the mixture into a rub.  The rub can go all over the turkey skin and underneath the skin (then it really gets into the meat).

Third, don’t stuff the bird.  I know this is controversial.  But when you stuff it, by the time the bird reaches proper temperature, the stuffing isn’t safe to eat.  You have to keep cooking, which always dries out the turkey breasts.  If you don’t stuff the bird, but use “dressing” cooked in casserole dishes, people aren’t going to notice, and nobody will get sick!