If you have an interesting story to tell, it could end up in the Library of Congress. Storycorps, an organization dedicated to recording, sharing and preserving stories about Americans will be in Yakima starting Monday to hear and record your story.

Jesse Gutierrez, Outreach Coordinator for the StoryCorps Mobile Booth, says a mobile recording booth will be set up at the Yakima Valley Museum in Yakima starting Monday thru September 14th to record your stories. "It could be a story about your childhood, or a story about your work, we really don't have a any particular theme that we're looking for, we just have an open call for everyone to call to come to our recording booth."

Gutierrez says you need to bring two people to help tell your story and you're urged to make a reservation. Go to Storycorps.org, or call 1-800-850-4406.

StoryCorps, starting in 2002 and so far it has recorded nearly 50,000 stories across the country and has worked in all 50 states. It partners will local non-profits and institutions in each of the cities in which they record.

StoryCorps has partnered with Northwest Public Radio to collect 100 interviews with residents in the Yakima area. Northwest Public Radio will air a selection of local interviews recorded in the mobile booth and create special programs around the project. Segments of select interviews may also air nationally on NPR's Morning Edition.