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Jacob Lucey Behind Bars Again and Looking at New Charges
Jacob Lucey, 29, is back behind bars after police arrested him at a Yakima home on Friday afternoon. Lucey missed his first court date two weeks ago.
Recapturing him became a top priority for Yakima Police Department, but police are most upset they had to hunt him down at all...
Yakima Police Department Expanding City Gang Unit
Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi says he is looking forward to expanding the city gang unit to fight local gangs. Rizzi is doubling the unit from five to ten officers who will focus their efforts on arresting and jailing local gang members...
Dead Body Found, Utah Man Turns Himself in to Yakima Police
Investigators say a Utah man turned himself in to Yakima police Friday and provided information that led authorities to his girlfriend's dead body.
Steven Grey is now a murder suspect in the death of 44-year-old Jennifer Brackenbury.
Police in Orem, Utah received word from Yakima Police this past…
Yakima Police Department Holding an Open House
It's time to show off the Yakima Police Department. Lt. Mike Merryman says the department is holding an open house October 10th so the community can meet the new police chief and become familiar with city police programs and services. Police Chief Dominic Rizzi Jr...
Selah Man Shoot Self in The Foot with a Gun He Stole
On Sunday morning a 23 year old Selah was treated at a local hospital for a gunshot wound to his foot. He told Yakima Sheriff Officers and Yakima Police Department officer’s that he had gotten very drunk while at a local tavern and someone had apparently shot him in his foot...
Yakima Police and Prosecutors Getting Tough on Car Thieves
Yakima Police and City Prosecutors are looking at a new way to get tough on car
thieves. KIMA learned they've come up with a plan to prosecute suspected car
thieves in municipal court instead of the Yakima County Courthouse.
"I looked outside and it wasn't there any more," s…

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