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More Free Parking and Events to Attract More People Downtown
The Yakima City Council held a study session on downtown development at city hall
Tuesday.  City Manager Tony O'Rourke suggested making parking more accessible
for those who want to spend time in the downtown area.  O'Rourke proposed council
members switch from 2 hour free parking t…
No Drive Thru For Coffee Shop in Downtown Yakima
No drive through for downtown Yakima.  On Monday, the Yakima City Planning Department
rejected a request for a downtown drive through at 2 Street and Yakima
Avenue. An article in today's Yakima Herald Republic says the developer wanted
to open a coffee shop (starbucks) in the area that would …
Study Session on City Survey Reveals Citizens Concerns
The Yakima City Council held a retreat Tuesday to talk about a recent city survey and how the city can begin to address citizen concerns.  No action was taken, the city council study session was the first step. City leaders went over the survey results to redefine the city's priorities.…
ACLU Filing Voting Rights Lawsuit Against The City of Yakima
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — The ACLU of Washington says it plans a news conference Wednesday to announce the filing of a major voting rights lawsuit against the city of Yakima.
The group declined to provide details Tuesday.
The Yakima Herald-Republic previously reported that the ACLU began investigating…
Next Phase of 2012 Yakima Citizen Survey Underway
Phase two of the 2012 Yakima Citizen Survey, which provides everyone in the community the opportunity to fill out an online version of the questionnaire, is underway.  The survey is designed to gauge public opinion about City services and priorities as well as quality of life issues in Yakima..…
Tony O’Rourke Meets with City Council about City Plans
Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke told council members Tuesday that things in Yakima need to change over the next four years or the city could see deficits of between 1.5 to 4 million dollars. O'Rourke says he has a plan to reorganize the city that he hopes the city will embrace...
Muffet Continues Fight With City On Strip Club
Jamie Muffet and the fight over a proposed strip club in Yakima are back in the spotlight.  Muffet is suing the city of Yakima for not allowing him to open the club on south first street in 2010.  Muffet first spelled out his plan to the Yakima planning division and hearing examiner fo…
City Council to Move on Two Major Street Projects
The Yakima City Council is looking to move into action tonight, continuing work on two major street projects.
Yakima City Council members will be asked to approve and adopt H Street as the route for the east-west corridor, which would eventually link Terrace Heights across a new Yakima River bridge t…

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