Dec. 7th Is ‘Pearl Harbor’ Day – Never Forget
The attack on Pearl Harbor happened December 7th in 1941. This is a day that none of us should ever forget. We lost many brave men and woman on that day. It was a surprise strike on United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Under Armour Catching Heat for Using Famous WWII Image
This morning we received this email.
Under Armour Apologizes for Basketball T-Shirt Based on Iwo Jima Flag Raising
After coming under criticism, Under Armour has apologized for a basketball-themed T-shirt design based on the Iwo Jima flag-raising and pulled it from sale...
Flying History To Land In Yakima
A piece of history will land at the Yakima airport next month. the WWII B-17g bomber, "Sentimental Journey" will be at the Mcallister museum at the Yakima airport June 25th-28th. the bomber is maintained and operated as a flying museum and memorial by the all-volunteer non-prof…