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Washington State Supreme Court Upholds Seattle Gun Tax
SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle's tax on gun and ammunition sales has been upheld by the Washington state Supreme Court.
In a ruling Thursday upholding a lower court decision, justices said the levy was valid because its primary purpose was to raise revenue for "the public benefit...
Supreme Court Jails Not Liable for Crimes After Release
SEATTLE (AP) — County jails are not liable for crimes committed by inmates after they are out of custody, according to a split ruling by the Washington state Supreme Court.
Thursday's 5-4 ruling came in the case of Isaac Zamora. He was held in the Skagit County Jail in 2008 and released a …
Ballot Measure Filed to Make All State Tax Hikes to Expire
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Initiative promoter Tim Eyman has filed a ballot measure to make all Washington state tax hikes expire after a year.
The one-year limit would go away if state lawmakers pass a constitutional amendment to require a legislative supermajority to raise taxes and eliminate tax …