Family of Bicyclist Sues City of Seattle, Sound Transit
SEATTLE (AP) — The family of a bicyclist who died in a crash last year is suing the city of Seattle and Sound Transit, claiming the streetcar trolley tracks caused the crash.
The Seattle Times reports the family announced the lawsuit Wednesday, the anniversary of Desiree McCloud's death...
SUV Hits Light Rail Train in Seattle, Knocking it Off Tracks
SEATTLE (AP) — An SUV struck a light rail train in Seattle's SoDo neighborhood, causing damage to the train and tracks.
KOMO-TV reports the crossing gates were down Tuesday night as the train crossed Holgate Avenue near a bus lane, but an SUV heading west crossed the center lane of the med…
iPhone Secretly Tracks Your Every Move, Claims Security Experts
Security experts Peter Warden and Alasdair Allen have made a startling discovery about Apple's iPhone and 3G iPad: The devices secretly track and record your location.
Apparently, this has been going on for 10 months, despite the fact that Apple has never previously disclosed that they keep a r…