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Legislative Leaders Say They Are Closing in on Budget Deal
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — With the deadline to avoid a potential government shutdown looming later this week, legislative leaders say that while they are close, they've not yet reached final agreement on a new two-year state operating budget.
The Democratic-controlled House and Republican-led Senate have…
Yates Case Heading Back to State Supreme Court
SPOKANE (AP) — The case of Spokane serial killer Robert Yates is heading back to the state Supreme Court, but it's unlikely he'll ever be a free man.
Yates is asking the high court to grant him a new sentencing hearing for two murders he committed in 1975...
Washington State Supreme Court Grills Lawmakers
Based on the questions asked during a Washington Supreme Court hearing, it's anyone's guess what the court's next step will be toward fixing the way the state pays for education.
The court had told lawyers representing the Washington Legislature to appear in court Wednesday and explain why they had n…