Does Yakima Valley Need Longer Vacations? [POLL]
When I first started in the work force, I didn't take a sick day or a vacation for almost three years. I was bound and determined to get ahead in this life. Then I got sick and had to take off five days. When I got back, they said I had three days left for the entire year. What the heck? Three years…
How a Time Change Can Affect Your Sleep [AUDIO]
With our recent change to Daylight Saving Time, many people have had their sleep cycles  disturbed. Suddenly, we're getting out of bed an hour earlier than we are used to.
How do we make our body clocks adjust?
Dr. Susan Rausch is a sleep specialist with Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital'…
Teen Time Causes Trouble… Get To Bed!!!
    With school back in session, for many families the nightly battle begins …How to get the teenagers to bed at a decent hour.  Dr. Susan Rausch, MD, PhD, Medical Director, The Sleep Center at Memorial Hospital says teens are hardwired to go to bed late and get up later.  School hours don’t sync up…
Marriages Suffer More WHen Mom Can’t Sleep
When the lady of the house gets a poor night’s sleep, her marriage suffers.  However, the same does not hold true if it’s the fellow who spends his night counting sheep in frustration.
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh observed 35 healthy married couples’ sleeping habits over a 10-day per…
How You Sleep Reveals How You Are
Did you know that the position in which you sleep at night -- whether it's all curled up in a fetal position or sprawled out across the bed -- reveals your personality? That's the word from Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.
Get Some Sleep To Save Your Life
It’s not enough to eat healthy and exercise. Researchers say getting enough sleep is also crucial to good health.
BBC News reports that the risk of developing heart disease goes up by as much as 48-percent if a person doesn’t get enough sleep. Researchers say most people need between six and eight ho…