sexual harassment

Ferguson Files Lawsuit Over Sexual Harassment of Farmworkers
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The state of Washington is accusing a Quincy agricultural company and one of its managers of sexually harassing female workers and retaliating against workers who complained.
State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed the lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Spokane, Washi…
Judge Throws Out Effort to Recall Spokane Mayor
SPOKANE (AP) — A Yakima County judge has blocked an effort to recall Spokane Mayor David Condon.
Superior Court Judge Blaine Gibson on Tuesday threw out all the allegations against Condon.
A petition filed by Spokane accountant David Green contended that Condon delayed the release of public records re…
Moxee Farm is Being Sue for Sexually Harassment
A federal agency is suing a Moxee farm claiming it violated federal law by allowing a supervisor to sexually harass male workers. The US Equal Opportunity Commission alleges that the general manager of Roy Farms touched male employees sexually, verbally harassed them and asked them to watch while he…