Dr. Carson On The Hotseat For Comment On Islam And The Presidency
A Trump audience attendee started it and it's blown up from there.  For the good of the country we have to talk about all those things we have been afraid of, ashamed of, PC bullied about and for which we have been ridiculed or labeled.  The current “political class&CloseCurlyDo…
The Pope Seeking Counsel From Oprah And The Left
Is the Catholic Church making a move to the left?  The Hollywood Reporter writes that Oprah is one of several big names in Hollywood that have been approached about attending a meeting this fall at the Vatican.
Pope Francis is reportedly interesting in talking about how the Catholic Church is perceiv…
Is Religion On The Ropes?
Parts of the world are literally losing their religion, according to a new study.
The study, conducted by the American Physical Society, finds that religion is dying out in nine countries.