Who’s Packin’? 41% Increase!
It started when Obama was elected and there was a concern that gun rights wouldn't recieve historical value under his administration .  People started buying guns and ammo and it has lead (no pun) to this!
As Marilyn Monroe Would Say-Happy Biiiirthday, Mr. Presssident


Karaoke and sing "Born in the USA" with a straight face
Have crews install a new debt ceiling fan in the White House
Can't wait to open that big present from Goldman Sachs
Adopting two new dogs and naming them "Hope&qu…
Cute Kids For Michele Bachmann [VIDEO]
This could be the greatest campaign ad I've ever seen. These cute kids tell you who they'd like to see as President in the 2012 elections. Would you vote for Michele based on this video?
Obama Reelection Campaign Selling Birth Certificate T-Shirts
Barack Obama is cashing in on the birther controversy.
For a donation of $25 or more to the President's reelection campaign, you can get a copy of his much-discussed birth certificate to wear right on your chest.
In an email to supporters, Obama's deputy campaign manager, Julianna Smoot, exp…
The Big Apple’s Moment of Justice
Obama Visit to Ground Zero Today
President Obama will visit Ground Zero in New York today (May 5th) to mark the death of bin Laden. He will lay a wreath in memory of those who died on 9/11, but won't make a speech. Instead he'll meet privately with the families of the victims...
Americans React to News That Osama bin Laden Is Dead [PHOTOS]
The world was brought to a standstill late Sunday evening when President Barack Obama confirmed that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. operatives in Pakistan.
Americans quickly gathered to celebrate outside the White House, and before you knew it, New Yorkers were gathering in …

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