Perdue Resumes Reorganization; GOP Passes House Tax Bill
Reorganization of the Codex Alimentarius program in USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service be moved to the Office of the Undersecretary for Trade and Ag Affairs. Arkansas Plant Board has decided that ALL dicamba products should be banned as of April 15th. Tax bill through the House last wee…
Tax Reform in House and Senate and Arkansas Bans Dicamba
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has passed and its effect will lessens the impact self-employment and income taxes have on producers from its original version. Arkansas and Monsanto facing off on the Dicamba ban. China removing value added tax on distillers dried grains.
Hydroponics Ban Rejected; NemaStrike Pulled From Shelves
A rejected proposal to prohibit hydroponics in organic production, disappointed growers who want organic certification restricted to crops grown in soil. Tax policy specialist says new business rates in the House Ways & Means tax bill will have the greatest impact on farmers’ taxes. Monsa…

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