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How a Time Change Can Affect Your Sleep [AUDIO]
With our recent change to Daylight Saving Time, many people have had their sleep cycles  disturbed. Suddenly, we're getting out of bed an hour earlier than we are used to.
How do we make our body clocks adjust?
Dr. Susan Rausch is a sleep specialist with Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital'…
Remember to Turn Back The Clock One Hour Sunday
Everyone must turn their clocks back before they go to bed Saturday night as the nation 'falls back' an hour for the fall.
Dr. Susan Rausch, Medical Director for the Sleep Center at Memorial says the older people get the tougher it is to get on schedule...
Lost Hunter Found by Yakima County Search and Rescue
Yakima County Search and Rescue found an injured hunter early Sunday morning. The man text messaged his wife late Saturday night and said he was lost. She called the Sheriff's office and rescue teams found him early Sunday Morning. The hunter injured his knee and had a serious case of hypotherm…

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