memorial day

Scammers Are Targeting You
Memorial Day is right around the corner and the scammers know you are in the mood to help. That's why the Better Business Bureau (BBB) says they are targeting people in Yakima this week. Chelsea Dannon with the BBB of Central Washington says anytime holidays happen, scammers start to …
Sharp Rise In Gas Prices Marks The Weekend.
If you are driving this upcoming holiday weekend be ready for the likelihood of a sharp rise in gasoline prices in the next few days and through the weekend in Yakima. "I expect stations to increase prices as much as 10-35 cents per gallon by the conclusion of the weekend with some stat…
To Remember Thoses Who Have Paid The Ultimate Price
While you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, the local Veterans of Foreign Wars organization wants you to remember those who have served in the United States military. The 2012 Memorial Day Ceremony will take place at Tahoma Cemetery in Yakima at 10:00 a...
Memorial Day Parade Is On
The annual Memorial Day parade is on again in Yakima. Ed Falter with the Yakima Marine Corps League says they planned to cancel the event because they could not afford the increased cost of required insurance. Community members stepped up and agreed to help make the parade happen, donating mone…
DOT Working Hard To Clear Slide From Highway 410
Snow, mud, rocks and trees. That's what Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) crews are trying to clear this week to reopen Highway 410. The DOT's Mike Westbay says the slide is six to 10 feet deep and 150 yards long near Bumping River Road...
Yakima 2012 Memorial Day Parade Application Form
Get an early start on entering the 2012 Memorial Day Parade.
2012 Memorial Day Parade
Name of Entry: _________________________________________________________________
Sponsored or funded by:__________________________________________________________
Person in Charge of Entry: ____________…
Memorial Day…How It Started
The unofficial start of summer is a day off work complete with barbecues, jammed highways, summer blockbuster movies and holiday sales. How many of us know how it started?