Could Texting Make Kids’ Grammar Worse?
We already know texting while driving is bad, but new research seems to indicate that even before kids are old enough to get behind the wheel, texting might have another downfall: it’s making their grammar worse.
Cute Kids For Michele Bachmann [VIDEO]
This could be the greatest campaign ad I've ever seen. These cute kids tell you who they'd like to see as President in the 2012 elections. Would you vote for Michele based on this video?
Should Overweight Kids Be Taken Away From Their Parents?
A doctor has proposed putting severely obese children in temporary foster homes.
Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Harvard-affiliated Children’s Hospital Boston, made this recommendation Wednesday in highly respected ‘Journal of the American Medical Association.&CloseCu…
Census Shows Fewer Kids in the U.S.A.
If your airline flights and restaurant meals seem a bit quieter, it’s not your imagination.
The 2010 census reveals children now comprise only 24 percent of the US population, a two-point drop in the past 20 years. Experts predict it will fall another percentage point by 2050, while the group compris…
5 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids During Summer Vacation
Kids lazing around the house doing all summer long? Not this year. There's a whole world of activities out there. Sure, some of it might not be air conditioned but that's a small risk to take for summer fun.
Organize a Party
The summer can be a great time to bring out your child's inner…

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