Healthy Investments In Happiness
Who says Money Can’t Buy Happiness? Well, just about everybody actually…but AskMen.com has a list of options that might prove the old adage wrong..Check out these modestly priced moments of happiness. (AskMen.com)
The Three Keys to Happiness Are:
A recent Gallup Poll says getting married, going to church and getting a high-paying job are the keys to happiness. A whopping 84% of us are either "very satisfied" or "very happy" with our personal lives with just 14% saying they are dissatisfied.
The Human Life Cycle: Start Happy-Get Grumpy-Finish Happy
Satisfaction with life starts to drop as early as a person's late 20s and does not begin to recover until well past 50, says Bert van Landeghem, an economist at Maastricht University in Belgium.
While young adults are carefree and full of hope for the future and the over-50s have come to terms with t…
Tuned In to the Misery Channel

People who watch more television are less happy overall. A 30-year General Social Survey concluded that happier people tend to be socially active, and that unhappier people tend to watch TV (the actual act of watching TV was identified as pleasurable and positive in t…