Safety Top Priority at Local Gun Range
A 9-year-old girl in Arizona last month accidentally killed her firing range instructor when she lost control of an Uzi submachine gun.
The news has ignited a debate in the country about access to guns and the wisdom of state laws and parents who allow children to shoot firearms...
Background Checks Could Expand With New Initiative
Advocates seeking to expand the use of background checks on gun sales in Washington state have turned in more than 250,000 signatures, the first batch of petitions they plan to submit before a January deadline to qualify the initiative to the Legislature.
Cabela’s Offering Gun Buyback
The Cabela's store in Union Gap IS HOLDING a gun buyback event over the next two days. Unlike buybacks in other cities that are conducted by law enforcement, Cabela's is focusing more on trade-ins.
They'll re-sell all the firearms they bring in as used guns.
Cabela's says their main goal isn't just s…

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