City of Yakima Looking to Expand
Yakima city needs to expand and city officials are looking for space for everything from the city police department to the city jail to court and city attorney's office.
Government Shutdown on the Line for September Session
Lawmakers are streaming back to Capitol Hill this week for an abbreviated September session after their summer break.
Feuding Democratic and Republican leaders are promising action to prevent a government shutdown while holding votes aimed at defining the parties for the fall campaign...
State Supreme Court Reviewing Progress on Education Funding
The Washington Supreme Court is marking the beginning of school with a mandatory assembly for the Legislature on education finance.
The court has ordered lawmakers to come to court on Wednesday to explain why they haven't followed its orders to fix the way Washington pays for public education...
Governor Urges Yakima Council to Comply with Ruling
Gov. Jay Inslee is encouraging the Yakima City Council not to appeal a federal judge's order to change local elections to comply with the Voting Rights Act.
Last week, District Court Judge Thomas Rice found that Yakima's city council elections violate the federal Voting Rights Act, finding …

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