Top 10 Free iPad Apps
Top Free iPad Apps:
1. Happy Wheels, Jim Bonacci
2. YouTube, Google, Inc.
3. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.
4. Calculator for iPad Free, International Travel Weather Calculator
5. Google Docs, Google, Inc.
6. Messenger, Facebook, Inc...
Top 10 Free iPhone Apps
Top Free iPhone Apps:
1. PhotoMath, PhotoPay Ltd.
2. Happy Wheels, Jim Bonacci
3. Messenger, Facebook, Inc.
4. Instagram, Instagram, Inc.
5. Facebook, Facebook, Inc.
6. YouTube, Google, Inc.
7. Snapchat, Snapchat, Inc.
Free Anti-Malware Program For Your Computer
According to the Associated Press, tens of thousands of Americans may lose their Internet service on Monday because of malware that could have been hiding in computers from a year ago. What's malware? Short for 'malicious software', it's a computer virus that has the capability o…