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More Free Parking and Events to Attract More People Downtown
The Yakima City Council held a study session on downtown development at city hall
Tuesday.  City Manager Tony O'Rourke suggested making parking more accessible
for those who want to spend time in the downtown area.  O'Rourke proposed council
members switch from 2 hour free parking t…
Fire, Police Contract Rejected
It was a long night for City Council Tuesday. A number of items were on their agenda, and one is sure to start the pot boiling. The council rejected the latest contract proposal for both police and fire.
The agreements would have cost the city an additional $1...
2 Hours Free Parking Staying
2 hours free parking in downtown Yakima. That's the way it's been and that's the way it will stay, the city council Tuesday decided against charging a fee for parking in city lots to help clear up some confusion. The council was looking at charging a dollar for 3 hours and a doll…