Ag News: Ag Suicide Bill
Farm groups wants the STRESS Act to be inclusion in the farm bill, which gives states resources to help farmers and ranchers with mental health treatment.
Washington Residents Rally Against County Decision-making
BELLINGHAM (AP) — Demonstrators gathered in Washington on Tuesday to raise awareness against County Council decisions they say threaten high-paying jobs, property values and farming.
The Bellingham Herald reports about 300 people gathered for the rally called, "Wake Up Whatcom County..…
Researchers Seek Better Ways to Farm Popular Pacific Fish
PORT ORCHARD  (AP) — Federal scientists at a research facility near Seattle are studying ways to make it easier and more efficient to commercially grow a fish prized for its buttery flavor.
The project to grow sablefish is part of a larger effort by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm…
Trump on Agriculture and Ag Regulations
President Trump has signed two new executive actions to boost immigration enforcement, including an order to begin construction of the promised wall, but that has some in the farming sector on edge because of the industry’s reliance on foreign labor...

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