Parents Lying on School Forms in California
When Nieves Garcia signed up her bilingual daughter for kindergarten, she wrote down that her family only spoke English at home.
Garcia and other parents acknowledge lying on a home language survey required to enroll their children in public school to avoid having their kids classified as English lea…
Millions in Grant Money Headed to UW for Language Fellowships
College students interested in some of the less-commonly taught languages will be pleased to hear that the University of Washington has received a $16 million grant that will support about 140 language fellowships.
The Seattle Times reports that the grant will be used for students who major in Chines…
Sunnyside Charter School to be Decided Thursday
Washington's statewide charter schools commission plans to vote Thursday on a group of schools that want to open in 2015.
A team of independent evaluators gave their endorsement to two proposals and said two more were not ready for approval...

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