Three Teens Arrested on Burglary Charges
Three people have been arrested on burglary charges after being arrested in Selah on Thursday morning.
Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies say the first incident was reported by homeowners on Commonwealth Drive in Terrace Heights when they found three suspects near their home after returning from a…
Seafood Company Fined Six Figures in Oil Spill
The Washington Department of Ecology is fining a seafood company more than $112,000 for an oil spill caused by the accidental sinking of its vessel, the Clam Digger, in July 2013 near Anacortes.
Authorities have determined negligence was a factor in the sinking and spill...
Moxee Man Facing Burglary Charges
A 42-year-old Moxee man faces burglary charges in Yakima County Superior Court this week after Yakima County sheriff's deputies caught him blue handed Friday in Terrace Heights.
Home Invader Arrested in Wenatchee
Police in Wenatchee, Washington, say a resident woke up early Friday to find a stranger washing his face in the home.
Sgt. John Kruse says the 28-year-old intruder had been pepper-sprayed and asked the residents to call police for help...

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