Ag News: Animal Cookies in Circus
They are back at it again. Animal activists are calling for another cookies company to change the name of their Circus Animal Cookies. It really makes one wonder.
Ag News: Pizza Day in U.S.
When we celebrated National Cheese Pizza Day, the dairy farmers seen a large spike in Cheese sales. Cheese consumption increased by more than 40% since 1995!
Blast Back to the ’90s with Surge — Now Available in Yakima
Surge was everyone's favorite citrus soda in the '90s. Since it was brought back it was only previously only available online, but it's now starting to pop up in local stores across the country. My kids are familiar with it as I had picked up some online. They were excited to see it l…
Montana Woman Sues Costco, Supplier in E. Coli Outbreak
SEATTLE (AP) — A Montana woman is suing Costco and its California vegetable supplier because of the E. coli illness she contracted after eating chicken salad she bought at the company's Bozeman store.
The lawsuit filed was Monday in the Butte division of U...
Restaurants And Bars Can Now Buy Direct from Distilleries
If you own a bar or a restaurant today is the day you'll be able to purchase liquor directly from distilleries. A result of an initiative passed by voters to privatize liquor sales in the state. Hundreds of retailers like Costco, Fred Meyer, Albertsons and Safeway have applied to sell liqu…

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