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Over $100,000 in Unpaid Parking Tickets in Yakima
We learned the city of Yakima was stuck with more than $100,000 worth in two years. That is the tab after the city switched to a new ticketing system last December.
It can turn a good day into a bad one. One leaves a restaurant only to find a parking ticket on his car...
City of Yakima to Change Graffiti Ordinance
For years, the City of Yakima has had a graffiti ordinance that holds property owners responsible for the clean up and fines them if the graffiti is not removed. City Manager Tony O'Rourke says the city council changed the policy Tuesday and created a new system in which property owners ca…
City of Yakima Looking to Add More Public Defenders
Yakima city leaders faced the reality of contracting up to 20 more public defenders and spending a million more of your tax-payer dollars; all to meet a mandate that limits public defenders caseloads to 400 a year.
But city leaders have a new plan to cut those costs dramatically...

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