cascade and senator apartments

Cascade and Senator Residents Can Stay
People living in Yakima's Cascade and Senator apartments no longer have to move out.
The city said the owner of the downtown apartments fixed the faulty fire alarm system over the weekend, and now it's working properly.
The city said several holes in the ceilings and floors have also been re…
Help Center Opens for Cascade and Senator Residents
Residents of the Cascade and Senator apartments can get information from a help center in Yakima Today as the residents look for places to live.
Because of safety code violations the city is closing both apartments on Friday leaving some 200 residents looking for a new place to live...
Apartment Residents Will Receive City Help
As the deadline for residents of the Cascade and Senator Apartments to
vacate the buildings approaches, the City of Yakima has partnered with the Yakima County
Human Services Department to develop a plan to help the residents find other housing...
Cascade and Senator Apartments Vacating
The city of Yakima plans to vacate 200 low-income residents of the Cascade and Senator Apartments in Downtown Yakima.
The buildings have many long-term, unaddressed code violations, which are unsafe for the people living in the building...