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Heart Health Requires You To Know Your Numbers
Shannon took my blood pressure while Base was sharing his story and I am happy to say I showed a reading of 126 over 70. The first number is the Systolic pressure or force in the arteries when the heart beats
Here is Some Information That Could Help You With Your Health
Here is some more helpful nuggets for you and your health.
Did you know that University of Kentucky research says that oatmeal reduces your risk of weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart disease? Experts credit oatmeal’s winning combination of filling fiber and anti-inflammatory,…
Low Salt Diet Low On Positive Results
A new development in the battle against salt is leading some scientists to question whether a low-sodium diet is actually healthy for you.
In a study published Wednesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association, Belgian researches “estimated sodium intake of nearly 3,700 participants, with …