Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 8:30 pm. My first grandson enters the world. He doesn’t have a name yet because there are so many good choices! Tom, Dick or Harry won’t do for today’s parents. My daughter Sarah had a near-perfect pregnancy and an incredibly smooth and quick delivery for her first time. Her wonderful husband, WSP Detective Justin Maier, was there with her every step of the way.

It’s amazing what considering this new life puts your mind through. Your mind races through how you raised his mom, how you yourself were raised, what will he be like, what will the world be like as he grows to make his way in it?  So many questions and such a great adventure ahead for all involved!

I do know this. When Sarah was little I couldn’t imagine myself ever being or wanting to be a grandfather.

Now I can’t wait to teach the little fella how to be a better man than his grandpa was.  I hope to teach him about patriotism and to love his country, to love the land and the creatures of the great outdoors. We’ll fish a little and philosophize a little more, we’ll  go to movies and tell stories … and card tricks, the kid better love lots and lots of card tricks!

Sarah turns  31 in just a few days -- here’s what her 25-year-old sister Dacotah had to say a day before young Mr. X? was born. His due date, by the way, was Dactotah’s own birthday. What can I say? The month of May is all about spring calves in the Ettl clan!

Dear soon-to-be parents,

It's almost that time to say hello to your little one and welcome him to this crazy world. If you must know one thing just know this: you are perfect. Everything you do will be everything you are supposed to do and every moment that passes will be exactly as it should. Justin has the strength of a soldier and you, sister, have the heart of a saint. If this child gets even half the love that the two of you have given me it will be one lucky lil gremlin. I know this will be scary but most things in life worth it are. Wishing you a safe delivery and know that everything will be OK in the end: if it’s not OK, it’s not the end! Love you guys soooo much and can't wait to meet the tiny person!

To which of course Sarah replies  that her sister is a “jerkface” for making her cry on the way to the hospital!  Lots of love between those two … and I have a very good feeling that little Mr. X is going to be one lucky anonymous baby!

If you see me smiling around town, now you’ll know why!