Cell phones are banned when driving yet you see them everywhere.  We all say we buy into the dangers of distracted driving yet, be honest, we probably do it more often than we know we should! That in mind, scientists wanted to see how effective the cell phone ban has been on highway safety.

University of Colorado researchers studied more than a million accidents that happened over six years on California highways both before and after cellphone use was banned and as my 5 year old would say--and guess what?

Researchers found no decrease in the number of accidents after the ban. NO decrease.  Study co-author Daniel Kaffine says, "If it's really that dangerous, and if even just a fraction of people stop using their phones, we would expect to find some decrease in accidents. But we didn't find any statistical evidence of a reduction."

What's that all mean? Researchers say

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

the findings are not conclusive proof that the laws do not work, and that some people may have already switched to hands free devices before the ban began. Thirteen states currently ban handheld cellphone use, and ten others have bans in place in certain areas or just for certain types of drivers. (Daily Mail)