Ladies sit down, gentlemen brace yourselves…there’s no other way to say this than to come right out with it…you – are- different.  Yup. Not the same at all and a new study proves it! (what did we spend on that!)  Check the  Public Library of Science website and  see for yourself.

The study is based on information gather from 10,000 men and women who took a questionnaire that measured 15 variations of personality traits.  Now the study was based on an American perspective so that could be an influencing factor in the results…because hey, we aren’t the French…but the picture drawn from the responses reveal men and women feel and behave in very specific man and woman ways.  Surprise surprise!  Who knew?!

Where do we think the stereotypes were coming from anyway?  Did we need a study to tell us men were more dominant, reserved,  utilitarian, vigilant, rule-conscious and emotionally stable?  In general, we are hardwired to respond that way and as Rush Limbaugh might say, all the “chickafication” in the world can’t change that.

On the other hand women are deferential, warm, trusting, sensitive and emotionally "reactive"….it’s amazing they have survived since the days in the cave with a profile like that!