Remember Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko in the 1987 hit movie Wall Street?  In the picture he gave an oft quoted speech saying “greed is good”.

Well sorry to have to break it to ya Gordo but greed is not good, especially if you want to live a long and happy life. Says who? Science that’s who…and sure, you could probably buy and sell them ten times over but researchers at the University of Notre Dame reached that conclusion after analyzing the lives of more than 700 ambitious high achievers, many of whom graduated from power schools like Harvard and Yale.

"Ambitious people do achieve more successful careers, but that does not seem to translate into leading happier or healthier lives," says Professor Timothy Judge. "Despite their many accomplishments, ambitious people end up only slightly happier than their less ambitious counterparts, and they actually live somewhat shorter lives.

Put that into your one of a kind gold and ivory pipe and smoke it Gecko!

The Notre Dame docs also say that the investments the driven make in their careers come at the expense of healthy behaviors, stable relationships and deep social networks.  Greed is good …at the box office but in your office!


Stephane Kossmann/Renault via Getty Images