Since Wednesday is Sir Paul McCartney's 72nd birthday, I thought it appropriate to tell you about a Beatles related experience that I had the other day in of all places, the worship service at my church.

I've told people many times that I am a huge Beatles' fan and with 2014 being the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearing in the United States for the first time, I've been re-immersing myself in their music, videos and writings.

Last Sunday at my church, our pastor started talking about things that raise people's passions. He used the example about how he thought that U-2 was the greatest rock and roll band of all time, that they were a band that he was passionate about. Then he said that he didn't get how people could be passionate about the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. At that, I looked at my 17-year-old daughter and said "ahem" rather loudly. The look on her face said "Uh-oh. that got my Dad's attention."

Then came the bomb. He called the Beatles an "over glorified boy band."

That did it. I did what any 59-year-old self respecting Beatles' fan would do. I got up and walked out of the service. Really;.

I was a bit miffed at our pastor, who is a great guy, but as I headed down the aisle I started to play it up a bit. He couldn't see my face, but I was smiling at my fellow worshipers as I left. Then the congregation started to laugh. My daughter said that the pastor had sort of a "what just happened" look on his face, and then he started to laugh. I turned back toward the pulpit, and he was on his knees begging me to come back. I went back to my pew, and all was well.

The lesson here? You can be passionate about the things you love, but don't disparage someone else's  passions.

Especially the Beatles.