It’s not been a good week. First, it’s bad enough my political opponents have forced me off the radio…but now this!  All the studies, all the reports that extol the value and advantages of being tall (I’m 6’4”) are rendered moot by a NEW study on longevity.   Men who are stature-challenged may not earn the highest pay or get the best job or even the cutest girl…BUT…they live longer than their taller brothers.

Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images

A recent study is backing up 12 previous studies that found shorter men on average have two more years on earth as compared to those other guys who might be selected first in a game of pickup basketball.

Previously, scientists have observed that smaller animals such as dogs, mice, ponies and monkeys live longer than larger beasts. The new study was conducted on men on the island of Sardinia, where the natives tend to live longer than their European counterparts. Factors that may contribute to shorter guys having longer lives include lower DNA damage, greater cell replacement potential, and a higher heart pumping efficiency.

Of course, the scientists pointed out that anyone can increase their longevity through tired and true methods, like good diet, exercise, good medical car and a positive outlook