Yakima Valley Community College is expanding it's use of solar panels and the solar energy produced will be available to local businesses and homes. YVCC has partered with Pacific Power and Light's Blue Sky Solar project to put more than  112 solar panels on top of Glenn Anthon Hall, and they plan to put 70 panels on the new Palmer Martin building  which is under  construction.

Jeff Woods, YVCC Director of Facilities Operations says the school is trying to set an example for the community. "The college wants to be on the cutting edge of knowledge and information and we're always looking at any way that we can be more sustainable and green to the Valley."

This is the first of its kind project in the Valley.  75 percent of the cost is paid for by the PP and L program. The school pays 25 percent. If you are a Pacific Power and Light customer you can sign up for the Blue Sky Program and use solar energy for your home or business. It's only an extra $1.95 per month.

Under Blue Sky, Pacific Power purchases renewable energy certificates from sites like YVCC.  Those sites then become part of the electrical grid with the energy made available to homes and businesses.
In honor of the projects completion, YVCC and Pacific Power and Light
will have a celebration today at 3 o'clock.at Glenn Anthon Hall.