There's is not a  lot of small business support for a gas tax increase to pay for transporation projects. According to results today from a poll by the National Federation of Independent Business,  88 percent of small-business owners oppose an increase, with or without a reform package. Patrick Conner is Director of the state chapter of the
NFIB says "I think of small business owners are tired big business, unions and others , demanding more out of their paychecks in order to build expensive projects that never seem to get accomplished in a reasonable period of time. Right now there's not a whole lot of trust. We've heard it before, give us reforms and a tax package and we'll make things happen, only to find out that the reforms never come through."

When asked under what circumstances might they support a gas tax increase, a resounding 62 percent said “none whatsoever.” a third said they would consider supporting such a proposal only if reforms were enacted first, and the legislature later came back with a revenue proposal. more than half also said a transportation tax package should go to voters for final approval.

The survey also showed steadfast opposition to Gov. Jay Inslee’s suggestion that he may call a special session of the Legislature to consider additional transportation funding measures.