Another in a series of short day trips you can take around the Yakima Valley that won't totally destroy your gas budget.

I think that as Yakima Valley residents, we tend to forget about Fort Simcoe State Park as a destination. After all, its tucked at the foot of the Cascade foothills in the far western end of the lower valley.  And many people simply think that the road ends at  White Swan. But, if you take the trip, it's on the way back that you understand why the U.S. Army chose the location in the 1850's.  Not only was the site an ancient native campground, but as you leave the park, you get a sense of being able to see the whole valley.

Fort Simcoe has a mixture of original structures and re-creations, a huge picnic area and acres for walking and exploring. Keep in mind, no alcohol is allowed on park grounds. It is a day use park, and for now still fee free.

Follow this link to get more information from Washington State Parks.