Seattle Mariners baseball fans have a long-suffering love affair with their favorite team. In the Mariners' 35 year history, they have had only a couple of serious flirtations with the World Series, never making it into the Fall Classic. From their law suit driven birth in 1977, through the terrible expansion years, the Miracle Drive in '95, the completion of Safeco Field and a record 116 wins in 2001, the M's fans have been loyal and passionate, but have not been rewarded with a championship. When will it happen? According to author Jon Wells, not anytime soon.

Wells is the author of "Shipwrecked:  A People's History of the Seattle Mariners." He talked about his blog and magazine, "The Grand Salami", and also why he thinks that it may be some time before a World Series Championship banner will hang at Safeco Field on Monday's Mike Bastinelli show.

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