The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help to identify the people responsible for vandalizing seven power transformers and voltage regulators between Zillah and Sunnyside. The transformers are are mounted atop power poles.

Over the past four weeks the transformers have been shot with firearms, causing approximately $40,000 in damage and repairs. The repairs include a significant amount of cleanup as a result of the oil in the transformers leaking out onto the ground or into water sources.

The damaged transformers have also resulted in at least one fire. Electrical fires pose significant risk to firefighters, who are forced to combat a fire by mixing water with electrical currents. The damaged transformers also result in a loss of power to residents living in the area surrounding the transformer.

Deputies believe the suspect or suspects are using a rifle or rifles.

In the last four weeks transformers and voltage regulators have been shot in the area of Scoon Road and Independence Road outside of Sunnyside, and in the area of North Price Road and East Zillah Drive, which is north of Granger and east of Zillah.

To report information on the crimes, call the Yakima County  Sheriff’s Office at 509-574-2500 or Crime Stoppers of Yakima County at  800-248-9980.