No arrests are expected in a shooting in the Selah area.

The shooting occurred Saturday in which a 28-year-old man was shot three times by another man he threatened.

Yakima County Sheriff's Office Detective Sgt. Mike Russell tells KIT News that as a result of the investigation the county sheriff's office is not recommending any charges.

It appears the person who was shot was posing a significant threat to those at the gathering.

Russell says the case will be passed on to the County Prosecutors office for a final decision.

Russell says the suspect confronted a man at a party in Selah on Saturday night. The suspect told him he was going to retrieve a gun from his vehicle. When the suspect returned with the gun he was shot three times by the man that he had threatened.

The shooting happened at a party on Elton Road near Selah. The suspect remains in a Yakima hospital today.

No identities have been released.