A former teacher at Sunnyside High School is receiving $50,000 as part of a settlement after she and another teacher were suspended for using inappropriate classroom materials.

KIMA is reporting that Sacha Mike has agreed to give up her teaching credentials in Sunnyside as part of the agreement.

Mike was suspended early last school year when she had her kids read a sexually charged poem out loud in her classroom. Parents went to the school board and Mike and another teacher were suspended with pay.

The school district will now pay her the settlement to close the case.

Parents expressed disappointment that Mike was being paid after being suspended but are mostly happy the saga is over.

"I'm glad it's resolved, but it’s unfortunate they’ve had to pay to resolve it, when it was so wrong for her to do that,” Carol Platsman told KIMA.

The district will now turn its attention to Maria Preston who was the second teacher suspended. The two parties could begin work on a similar settlement and announce it in the next few weeks.