The UK Telegraph reports some interesting studies and this one is, well, one of them! A

lthough the internet has been blamed for a rise in depression for teens -- the opposite is apparently true for the older crowd. In other words, most of the KIT listening audience.

  A new study found that regular users of social-networking sites who are over 50 are almost a third less likely to be diagnosed with depression compared with non-users. All the more reason to be a KIT VIP and visit our website often!The prevalence of depression increases from five percent at the age of 70 to 13 percent at 85 because of loneliness, social isolation and lack of emotional support -- however the study found that the internet provides an important tool for the rapidly increasing older population to lead independent lives, to keep in touch with friends and family and to make informed decisions on many issues from health to travel. (Telegraph)

 Not to mention keeping in touch with their favorite radio personalities who provide news and information, humor and a place to vent.