The new fall TV season is getting underway and while I can’t wait my wife couldn’t care less!  Yes, the remote control is occasionally found at the crossroads of controversy!  Even worse, 4 year old Kate takes after me when it comes to TV.  But truth be told seniors and Baby Boomers are glued to the tube twice as much as youngsters, according to a recent study.


Today's 14- to 25-year-olds called Millennials stare at the TV an average of 10.5 hours a week while Boomers, ages 43 to 61, nearly double that with 19.2 hours. And seniors, 62 to 75, watch an astonishing 21.5 hours in a week.

But while youngsters aren't stuck on TV, they are busy with other gadgets. The study by the nonprofit educational organization Deloitte found that kids watch DVDs on a computer 1.9 hours weekly and also spend time with computers, playing video games and listening to popular music. Meanwhile, the Millennials do go to the movie theaters more. They average 1.8 hours a week at the movies which is good for a movie a week.