The hillside is blackened along Highway 12 in Yakima today as a result of Friday and Saturday’s big grass fire. The fire started late Friday night and spread over a mile and a half near Lookout Point Drive and Highway 12.

Neighbors in the area said they had no idea there was a fire because the wind was blowing smoke and flames away from the houses, but are surprised this hasn't happened sooner. "Considering the terrain across the street from this set of homes, it wasn't surprising. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened before," one resident in the area said.

Fire crews say kids who were playing with a luminary bag started the fire. Firefighters were unable to get to the fire at first because of the steep terrain in the area. More than 75 firefighters battled the flames through the night and into Saturday morning and afternoon. No injuries were reported and there have been no reports of property damage in the area.